Friday, October 22, 2004

Manowar - Warriors of the Wold

"Warriors Of The World" came in 2002 on Nuclear Blast. This is Manowar as we know them. Real heavy metal with lyrics ibnfluenced by battle, death and glory. Unfortunately they are also influenced by 9/11, and that makes this album vary from awesome to stupidity.
Manowar are best when they stick to what they do best, and songs such as "Call To Arms", "Swords In The Wind", "Warriors Of The World United", "Hand Of Doom", "House Of Death" and "Fight Until We Die" are all great, but "Hand Of Doom" are my personal favourite. "Valhalla" are OK as a intro to "Swords In The Wind", "Nessum Dorma" is a funny little piece. "An American Trilogy" is boring and "The Fight For Freedom" just makes me sick with it's too obvious references to 9/11.

As I said, Manowar are at it's best when they stick to what they can and stay away from the too obvious references to 9/11. All in all an album that vary from greatness ("Hand Of Doom") to garbage ("The Fight For Freedom"), but luckily there are more good songs than poor ones, so 4 points seems about right.
Points: 4/6.

Line-up: Eric Adams - vocals
Joey DeMaio - bass guitar
Karl Logan - guitar
Scott Columbus - drums

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