Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Kreator - Endorama

"Endorama" where released in 1999 on Drakkar Records. Endorama has a basis in trash, but there are also death, stoner and classical in the music. "Future Ring" are the best song on Endorama, but also "Endorama", "Golden Age" and to a certain degree "Everlasting Flame" are strong contributions on Endorama. The problem for Endorama is that it's material have to mutch of a vary in between the best and the poorest, and therefore as an album doesn't quite make the cut.

Points: 3,5/6.

Mille Petrozza - guitar & vocals
J├╝rgen Reil - drums
Christian Giesler - bass
Thomas Vetterli - guitar