Monday, May 27, 2002

Interview with Valfar [Windir]

Interviewer: exraven
With: Valfar

Interview with Valfar 24.05 2002

1. Windir /You come from a “small” place, Sogndal in Norway. (6000 citizens) Have this affected you in any way, when you have written text and music? What about King Sverre and “The Battle at Fimreite”?

The rural aspect of Windir has always been important. I grew up in a farmer’s area and soon idealized the simplicity of such a life. I’ve used history and supernatural believes from Sogndal in my lyrics, and some deals with stories from farms. I started out as an accordion-player and that interest has always been important for Windir. When it comes to the battle at Fimreite it is an important piece of Norwegian history that took place in little Sogndal. Although we were always outnumbered we would never give in the rulers. King Sverre won the battle in the fjord here against Magnus Erlingsson and punished the villagers by destroying the village with flames.

2. When you started Windir, it was kind of a one-man band. But now you have included your “former” session-musicians as a full band. How come?

I guess I wanted to do something new. Having a band and playing live was actually a goal when I started Windir, but there were none interested back then. Since we are the same line-up live I feel its important to involve everyone in the entire process of a production so they can feel they are apart of it too. That again gives them motivation so they can perform 100%. I must also mention that I have included Hvàll as a co-writer, interesting with new ideas and new blood.

3. How would you categorize your music? Are there any parallels between you and Finntroll?

Its folk inspired, but not folk music like Finntroll base their material on. I use older folk music as inspiration rather than polkas and such. I can’t see any parallel to Finntroll in that way. Perhaps we have the same spirit.

4. What do you think about bands getting “Too Commercial”? No offence to bands selling a lot of records.

The scary thing about commercialism is that its people with money-interests that controls it all. Although a band that are selling a lot of albums have their artistic freedom, I would still imagine that it’s difficult to not think of the money-men. After all, they are the reason they can make their albums, and if an album doesn’t sell their next budget will be smaller. Its business nowadays and not art. Sad, but true.

5. Your gig at the Inferno-festival where a success. Tell me your opinion/meaning about the festival and your concert?

The festival was a success in my opinion. Its marvellous that they can do something like this Norway. Many bands in one small area is great. I was thrilled with our own performance. I had the best time of my life on that stage. The audience took me by surprise; I didn’t expect them to be so wild. I take my hat of for them, without them we couldn’t do it. But I guess our philosophy works, we give everything and the audience will do so too.

6. Since most of the visitors comes from outside of Norway. Are there any plans for a Tour?

We’ve had some cancelled tours already. One with Finntroll actually. It’s a rotten world out there. But we can’t lose hope. Hvàll is working on something now for October, so we’ll see what happens.

7.Have you been a “metal” fan for many years, and what music did you listen to when you where like; 15?

Metal have always been in my liking. At the age of 15 I listened to Pestilence, At The Gates, various Black-Metal acts and Vivaldi. That was on my stereo at the age of fifteen. I must say that At The Gates: “With fear I kiss the burning darkness” is probably the best album I have.

Thank's to Valfar for taking time answering the questions.