Thursday, April 7, 2005

Forlorn - Ad Caelestis Res

"Ad Caelestis res" The second album of the brilliant Forlorn is <<colder>> than their first release “The Crystal Palace”.
This might be a result of the production, which by the way sucks. Clinical and fuzzy describes the production. It’s a great shame because the songs are good, some of them awesome, “Phantoms” made me cry when the divine voice of Jan Kenneth Barkved appeared. Other songs like “Distant worlds & distant moons” and “Legends of Creation”.

Alvarin (Hennex) and C.Worhn are truly two masterminds; therefore it is extremely sad that the sound quality is totally fucked. This could have been a milestone but ended up being a disappointment, there are good times but not as many as on “The Crystal Palace”…
Lineup during “Opus lll: Ad caelestis res”
Alvarin: Guitars, Synthesizers and vocals
C.Worhn: Guitars bass and synthesizers
Blod: Drums
Jan Kenneth Barkved: Clean/Majestic vocals

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