Saturday, November 27, 2004

Alice Cooper - "From the Inside"

Alice Cooper - From The Inside
I remember buying this CD, I had just recently started to listen to Alice Cooper, and at that time my favourite Cooper was Trash and Constrictor. And this wasn't what I expected when I put it in my CD-player. This wasn't the heavy metal I expected, and it actually took years before I realised it's greatness. These days I think From The Inside kicks both Trash and Constrictor's asses. Here Alice Cooper seems to have been inspired a bit by progressive rock in the area Rush operates, but without making a progressive album. This is rock, but not a very hard and aggressive form of rock. You can almost call it old mans-rock, but whatever you wanna call it, it works! Hell, the use of the piano has simularities with the way Elton John use the piano, and even that works! Songs like "Jackknife Johnny", "Inmates (We're All Crazy)" and "Wish I Was Born In Beverly Hills" are all great pieces of music. So if you are musically openminded, check it out. You may even like it. And just for the record, I don't secretly admire Elton John, I don't like his music and I certainly don't like his glasses! Points: