Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mayhem - Chimera

Whore” opens this mayhem of profanity! The drums are sickeningly fast, guitars whining and the vocals grim and sickening.

“My Death” is slow and grinding with something I didn’t expect to hear from Maniac, clean vocals!

Maybe the best Mayhem song ever is “You Must Fall”. The guitars makes visions of hell appear with immense power, Maniac have grown into a brilliant vocalist. His lyrics still blasphemes all religious beliefs and he roars “You are nothing, you are nothing” and “Annoying humanity sickens me, I contemplate your extinction”.

There are some boring moments on “Chimera” but nothing that makes it less interesting.

The best songs must be “You Must Fall”, “Chimera” and “Whore” but the whole album is quality Black Metal only Mayhem are able to make. A future classic!
Points: 5/6

Lineup during Chimera:
Maniac: Vocals
Hellhammer: Drums
Blasphemer: Guitar
Necrobutcher: Bass

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