Friday, November 9, 2012

Bernt Sunde "Bricks and Mud"

Bernt Sunde has something to give.. With this album he state his point of mind and make the edge around a little thicker.
When i fianally got hold of this great album, i did actually get the full package.. with lyrics and all.

I would send a very thank to this fellow. Bernt has been a member of both

Penitent (Songs of Despair) and Forlorn (Hybernation) Majestic and mighty is the opening on "The Birth"

As we are pulled further .. This Brilliant musician knows how to compose. And he lays nothing between, as you will find out, in the inlay CD cover;

The Category is The Cognsoscenti.
not This or That
You Will Enjoy The Album"

I personally like his energetic vocals, with a Devilish / "Devil Doll" kind of attitude. .... Nothing less This is a Masterpiece - Nothing Less.... "The Key"